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Make a Child's Dreams Come True

Open your home and your heart to a child in need

How do I get started?

If you are reading this, you have started! It is that e​asy to begin your adoption q​uest.

Just call any of the Adoption staff at (800) 232-KIDS (Toll Free). Staff at these numbers can collect your contact information and mail you an informational packet about the foster care and adoption program provided by the Cabinet. Staff will be able to provide you with a name and phone number in your local area so that you may register for an informational meeting (which is the first step to becoming an approved adoptive home).

Download Adoption Information Packet  Download SNAP Application


9 Steps to Being Approved



Call 1-800-232-KIDS or your local Department for Community Based Services Office.


Share Your Info

Share your information with DCBS staff. Tell us about your family, why you want to foster or adopt, and how you heard about us.


Receive Information

The informational packet can be obtained from the provided link on this website or we are happy to mail the packet upon request.


Attend Meeting

Attend two-hour informational meeting. Receive in-depth information, ask questions, get answers and begin paperwork.


Begin Application

Begin family application process and home visits. Download SNAP application.


Attend Training

Begin pre-service training. Complete paperwork, with staff help. Complete home study.


Become Approved

You will receive a certification letter when you are approved as a foster / adoptive parent.


Welcome Children

Children are placed depending on their needs. Receive peer support from experienced parents.


Receive Continuing Benefits

These include: ongoing training, medical card for child, child care assistance, child counseling services, respite care, tuition assistance, foster/adoptive mentors and support services.




Interested in adopting?

Search the SNAP database for children currently available for adoption.

Search Now

Contact SNAP

SNAP specialists can be contacted by phone at one of the aforementioned 800 numbers o​r by the e-mail address that is listed at the bottom of the child’s photo listing. Due to the sensitive nature of why the child is available for adoption, SNAP staff is unable to share more information other than what is on the web site. Besides the two toll-free numbers, each specialist has voice mail, so call at your convenience and leave them a daytime number and the best time during business hours to call you back. Business hours are M-F 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

While drop-in visits are always welcomed, it is advised to call first to ensure the staff person you want to talk with will be available. Our goal, and the goal of each R&C worker, is to be as available as soon as possible.

Toll Free Number:
(800) 232-KIDS

Frankfort Office:
(502) 564-2147

Frequently Asked Questions