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Child Abuse

Child Protection Branch


Child Abuse and Neglect

The Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Booklet is designed to provide information for the person who, as a part of his/her job or profession, may encounter situations of child abuse or neglect. It is designed to help you decide when an abused or neglected child needs special protection and what to do about it. As a person who works with children, you are in a key position to be aware of maltreated children. Accordingly, the law places certain responsibilities on you. This booklet will discuss:

  • Definitions of child abuse, neglect and dependency
  • Kentucky laws addressing these problems
  • Procedures for making a report
  • A brief explanation of what happens when a report is made
  • Some key indicators to look for in recognizing cases of possible abuse and neglect or dependency

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Reporting child/adult abuse, neglect or exploitation

If you believe a child is being abused, neglected or is dependent, please call the Protection and Permanency Office in your county or the Toll Free Child Protection Hot Line:

1 (877) KYSAFE1
1 (877) 597-2331

For more area specific phone numbers please see the Service Regions page on the CHFS website.

The online Kentucky Child/Adult Protective Services Reporting System is available for professionals to report non-emergency situations that do not require an immediate response from our staff. The website is monitored from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday. Reports will not be reviewed during evenings, weekends or state holidays.​​

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