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            kentucky foster Parent Handbook

The Kentucky Foster Parent Handbook was created for the Department for Community Based Services’ (DCBS) foster/adoptive parents for day-to-day use while caring for the foster children in their homes. It is designed to give practical information as well as guidance to making decisions regarding the care of the children in out of home care.


The When your Child is Removed from your Care Handbook is an informational guide for families with currently active child welfare cases and whose children have been placed in foster care.

Handling Allegations Against Your Resource Home Brochure

The Handling Allegations Against Your Resource Home brochure is intended for use as a guide to assist Resource Homes in coping with the potential crisis of a home investigation. This document is not intended to supersede or contradict the Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ policies and procedures. This document may be reproduced solely for nonprofit educational purposes or personal use.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Booklet

The Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Booklet is designed to provide information for the person who, as a part of his/her job or profession, may encounter situations of child abuse or neglect. It is designed to help you decide when an abused or neglected child needs special protection and what to do about it. As a person who works with children, you are in a key position to be aware of maltreated children. Accordingly, the law places certain responsibilities on you.

Child Protection Standards of Practice Manual

State child welfare activities are carried out as directed by federal law, state statute, and state regulation. The department also maintains a written standard of practice manual that contains procedures for carrying out child welfare activities such as investigations, case planning, and placement of children in foster care.

If you have gone through normal channels and your problem is still not resolved, you may get help from the Office of the Ombudsman:

Call (800) 372-2973 or (800) 627-4702

Visit the Office of the Ombudsman online